The Change We Need
The Voice You Deserve

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Why I Want to Be Your Alderman

I want to be the voice for change that residents have demanded and deserved for years. I believe I can use my leadership experience from the Department of Justice and United States Marshals Service to forge partnerships that will allow the City to preserve the character of our community and extend our social and economic prosperity through sound decision making that truly reflects the will of the residents, rather than the personal visions of politicians and developers.

Learn About Scott

My family has resided in Germantown for the past 19 years. I recently retired from the United States Marshals Service where I served for 32 years, most recently as chief inspector in the Tactical Operations Division where I supervised other law enforcement officers throughout the Central region of the United States.


Safety and Security

My entire professional career has been in the field of law enforcement. I will be a strong advocate for the safety and security of our citizens. I realize that the safety and security of our citizens, their property and our local businesses are the key to the overall health of Germantown’s economy. I also believe there is a need for us to give our law enforcement and fire fighters the proper tools and equipment they need to do their jobs and adequately protect residents. Germantown has long been known as a safe community, with lower crime rates than surrounding cities, and I will do all I can as your alderman to see that this continues in the future. I am also keenly aware of the need to ensure our schools are safe so our children don’t have to worry about their safety and can focus on learning. As your alderman I’ll explore innovative ways to make this happen and will work closely with our education officials to make school safety a priority.

Preservation of Our Existing Neighborhoods

I strongly feel we need to preserve and maintain our traditional neighborhoods where we raise our families. Germantown has long been known as a quiet bedroom community, which I will help preserve while also looking toward the future to make sure residential needs are met for all stages of life. I understand the importance of being responsive to the will of the residents, and my decisions will reflect that.

Well Planned and Managed Growth

I want to work with stakeholders to ensure that the current developments are properly managed and future developments reflect the vision of the residents rather than a handful of politicians and developers. I want to forge new partnerships to create a positive vision for development that is grounded in preserving the character of our community for future generations. I will foster citizen leadership and listen to the voices in our community and I will be the voice residents want and deserve on the Board of Mayor and Alderman.

Investment in our Schools

The education of our children in Germantown will shape the city’s future. My own children are the product of our Germantown Schools. Our schools foster the economy, attracting employees and employers alike. We want our students to be lifelong residents, raising their kids where they themselves grew up. Pride in our educators, our buildings and facilities, our ENTIRE district hinge on investing in the future of our school. Let’s make investment in the schools and our future happen.

Accountability for Taxpayer Funds

As your alderman I will take a closer look at how the city is spending your money. I will strive to stretch your tax dollars and ensure our resources are responsibly handled and protected from waste or mismanagement. We need more transparency in our budgetary process, one with line-item detail so you can follow the money. I’ll insist we have effective measures in place to protect your property values, our tax receipts, and closely monitor our spending at City Hall.