Germantown residents want the decisions of their elected representatives to reflect the will of the people they represent. Unfortunately, city leaders ignore the demands of residents and continue business as usual. Residents deserve a leader who will be their voice for change in the way business is conducted at City Hall.

I dedicated much of my life serving in leadership positions in the Department of Justice and the United States Marshals Service. After I retired in 2018, I made the decision to continue my civil service as a candidate for Germantown Alderman. My wife, Brenda, and I raised our children in Germantown for 19 years, and our children attended public schools. I have been active in local government, church and civic organizations.

Like many residents, I am concerned that city officials are enabling developers to transform certain areas of our city into high-density areas, which many people moved to Germantown to escape. At the same time, they increase taxes and fees paid by residents while doing little to reduce administrative costs at City Hall.

I want to be the voice for change that residents have demanded and deserved for years. I believe I can use my leadership experience from the Department of Justice and United States Marshals Service to forge partnerships that will allow the City to preserve the character of our community and extend our social and economic prosperity through sound decision-making that truly reflects the will of the residents, rather than the personal visions of politicians and developers.

I’ll Continue to Work For

  • Paving Our City Streets

    If re-elected I will seek the required funding in our budgets to pave more miles of our city streets. I noticed in my first term that this type of funding is the first thing cut in hard times; however, I believe it needs to remain a priority.
    We need at least $2.5 – $3 million allocated to pave at least 10 miles of streets per year. Should the city receive state or federal dollars in this area it should be used to augment our funding, not to reduce our dedicated funding which would allow us to pave even more miles. Paving our streets effects every resident and visitor to our city so it should be a priority in our budget.

  • Focus On Our Senior Community

    As the alderman liaison for the Senior Advisory Commission, I worked with Memphis/Shelby County Agency for Creative Aging to receive a grant for free senior programming to enhance our seniors’ quality of life by stimulating their minds, creativity and sense of self through arts programs that engage, educate and entertain.
    These free events have been held at the Pickering Center and have been well attended. The city has received positive feedback from all who have attended. If re-elected I want to further focus on our senior community by exploring and advocating for the possibility of a dedicated senior center, giving our more mature residents a place of their own that will help them stay healthy, happy, and connected.

  • Focus On Aging Infrastructure

    Vital to the daily operations of all communities, infrastructure encompasses roads, telecommunications systems, power generation, transportation, water and sewers, and more — all of which affect health, the economy, and education. If re-elected I want to focus our efforts on addressing problems with our aging infrastructure. There are several opportunities to work on new drainage projects, improvements to our water system, paving our roads, to invest in modernizing and upgrading our existing parks, and seeking state and federal funding to address critical needs.

  • Accountability for Taxpayer Funds

    As your alderman I have taken a closer look at how the city is spending your money. Each budget year I ask the hard questions of city administration on why and how they have prioritized the spending. I will strive to stretch your tax dollars and ensure our resources are responsibly handled and protected from waste or mismanagement. I’ll continue to insist we have effective measures in place to protect your property values, our tax receipts, and closely monitor our spending at City Hall.

  • Safety and Security

    I have been a strong advocate for the safety and security of our citizens. I realize that the safety and security of our citizens, their property and our local businesses are the key to the overall health of Germantown’s economy. My votes prove I believe there is a need for us to give our law enforcement and fire fighters the proper tools and equipment they need to do their jobs and adequately protect residents. Germantown has long been known as a safe community, with lower crime rates than surrounding cities. If re-elected I will do all I can as your alderman to see that this continues in the future.
    I am also keenly aware of the need to ensure our schools are safe so our children don’t have to worry about their safety and can focus on learning. As your alderman I have advocated for funding to provide secure entrances and fire sprinkler systems in our schools, If re-elected I will continue to keep these funding needs in mind.

  • Preservation of Our Tree Canopy

    I believe we need to preserve and maintain the tree canopy in Germantown. As your alderman I have advocated for changes to the tree and vegetation ordinance to ensure tree canopy is a priority. I sought changes in the tree mitigation calculations ensuring new development is responsibly managing our natural resources. The changes established a tree fund that provide funds from development that will be in place allowing the city to plant new trees and maintain our existing trees. I’m proud to be a member of the Tree Board and helping Germantown maintain our Tree City USA designation. I’m also proud Germantown was the first city in Tennessee to be designated a Tree City of the World.